Friday, December 30, 2016

One last post for 2016

I just want to make one more post regarding things with writing. I have taken down some of my books FOR THE TIME BEING. That doesn’t mean I’ve given up writing them. It doesn’t mean I will stop writing them. I just need to focus and finish some other stuff before getting into these again. I just took down the ones that are the least priority now. I also want to publish them elsewhere. They will be back! I promise you that!

Secondly, my decision was also affected by the people around me. I have not had a good holiday season, I’m sorry to report. I don’t want to go into details regarding that. Let’s just say that I’ve taken quite a few blows and it’s knocked me down. It’s hard to keep standing when you’re falling apart deep inside. So I had to prioritize and focus on one thing at a time. 2016 was a pretty poor year and I don’t think 2017 will be much better.

Finally, here’s my book on Kindle Scout for nominations. I doubt I will get a contract for this but in either case, I’m aiming for early February for its release. I want it to be out around February 1st.

Perfect Human #2 will probably be the first book of 2017. Once my mother leaves next week, I will attempt to finish it and have it by mid-January 2017.

That’s it for now. I hope you all have a better new year that I’m going to have.


Monday, December 26, 2016

Happy Holidays and more.

I hope you are all having a good holiday and enjoying the time. Things are all right with me.

Anyway, I’ve decided to try Kindle Scout and launch a campaign for my newest book, Castles In Flames and Ice. The nomination page is here. If you’d like to, please nominate me. It would mean so much. Thank you ahead for your time.

That’s about it for now. I’ll be back in 2017 with more news.


Monday, December 19, 2016

A slight update

Hello, and welcome to an update right before the holidays. Writing has been going very smoothly. I’m trying to tie up loose ends on Perfect Human #2. I’m hoping to have that book out in January. The cover has come to me already so I need to finish over the weekend. Another book that’s almost ready to come out is a skating f/f romance, Castles In Flames and Ice. It’s a two part series. Book One is called Rebirth. Book Two, which is currently at 14K, will be called Return. It may be the quickest that I actually finish a series.

Currently, the books that I’m trying to write are Perfect Human #3, Book Two of the Castles In Flames and Ice series, Portman’s Creamery #6, and The Reaper’s Apprentices #4. Once one of these books is close to completion, I’m starting Crossing Paths #2. No title for that yet but it will be started early 2017.

A lot of writing plans are unknown right now. I’ve got to get into the right mind-frame for some of them. Another I should mention is that I will be changing the covers the TRA books again. That will probably happen around January with the first book. A lot is going to happen next year. I’m praying it’ll be better than this year was.

That’s about all for now. I’ll be back before the new year rolls in.


Saturday, December 10, 2016

December news

Hello and welcome to the first post for December. Writing has been going well if nothing else. I'm back to Omaha but that doesn't mean I slowed down writing. I started book 3 of Perfect Human, added a little more to The Reaper's Apprentices #4, add more to Portman's #6, and other things. However, the main thing I did was write and finish a story called Castles In Flames and Ice. It's a two-part series with the first part called Rebirth. Book two, which I will probably start soon, will be called Return. This book is an ice skating f/f romance (yes, I was slightly inspired by Yuri On Ice but it's far different story). I'm amazed that I finished it so fast.

Okay, on the side of releases...Midnight Lessons will be re-released on Monday. Yes, it's coming back. The audiobook is out on Audible right now and the ebook will be soon. Make note that is for ages 18 and up. It is also very short.

Thirdly, looking at stock photos for figure skating is kind of hilarious. Some of the faces they make when jumping and spinning...I can't fault them for it, of course. It's hard to keep a straight face for that. But it's still kinda funny. I need them for some teasers and it's hard to find some that fit my characters.

In the meantime, I'm making changes for a lot of things. Here is what is in store for 2017 so far:

Castles in Flames and Ice #1 & #2
The Reaper's Apprentices #4 and the prequel
Perfect Human #2 (and possibly #3)
A short story collection
Crossing Paths #2
Portman's Creamery #6

Those are for certain, the rest is up in the air including Patterns #4 and Ghosts #3. Of course, you can never say never to anything.

That's about it for now. I have to do my December newsletter as well. I'll be back later,