Tuesday, June 13, 2017

June updates

All right, there are a few things to get out of here for June. The first is that you may have noticed I'm not as active on social media right now. The reason for it is that I'm going through some personal issues right now. Depression is hitting me hard and it's tough to keep up with anything. I've deactivated FB for the time being but I still have my Twitter and blogs to update. I will also get June's newsletter out too in a few days.

Secondly, the next book I will have out is called Beneath the Painted Ocean. It is an m/m in the world of mermaids/mermen. I don't think I will have it out before SASS 17, I'm afraid. I'm due for a cover design in July and I will be gone from June 22nd to July 14th. So I'm aiming for a July 18th release date for this book. I'm still trying to wrap up Perfect Human #4 too but that's moving slower than expected. I'm trying to slow down my own writing as a result.

Yes, I am still going to SASS 17. I probably won't bring anything brand new and I'm not ordering new swag since I have ton of the old swag left over. After that, I truly don't know what will happen in terms of signings. Truth be told, I'm not sure of my writing career because things have turned around.

So right now, I'm mostly focusing on:

Diamonds and Lipstick (A Crossing Paths side story)
Perfect Human: 4, 5, and 6
Chasing Roy G. Biv (brand new novel)

Somehow, someway, I will try to get my love of writing back. Right now, it feels more like writing to live and less like living to write.