Friday, February 19, 2016

Old books, new books, etc

First thing is first, we got The Roses Are Red out on kindle. I decided to change the title and go with red instead of pink. It’s a short, quick read but it’s LGBT and starring African-American women in it. In fact, I don’t think there’s a single male character in this book. At least, there’s no one that’s very important. Feel free to check it out here.

The other thing that I managed to do was finish my fantasy novel, The Winter Key. That will probably be out sometime in early March along with TRA #3. I’m done for the month of February right now. Now that I finished The Winter Key, it’s time to go back to some older books. I have plans on wrapping up Sparks and Flames as well as going back to Perfume Party Murders and Winky’s mystery story.
There are also two new standalones coming: Love and The Line of Fire and one that’s untitled as of now. I have the characters names and that’s about it right now. I may also do another LGBT novel in the process.

Current works:
Sparks and Flames: 40K
Perfume Party Murders: 23K
Portman’s #5: 32K
TRA #4: 31K
Line: 3K

Ghosts of Burning Inn #3 is on the back burner right now as is TRA #5 and OG #3. Those are the works I’ll go back to if I get tired of my old stuff. As of now, I need a little break from writing so much. My brain is fried.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Slight error

This is the website to subscribe to my newsletter. Please use this link from now on, not the other. Sorry about all that, everyone!

I’ll be back with another update later.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


At long last, I’ve made a newsletter for my stuff. It took me a while but I finally had time to do it. Therefore, I ask for one tiny favor from whoever is out there reading this. If you can, please tell me if you’re able to subscribe to it. I swear I will not spam you with a whole ton. At most, you will probably get one or two newsletters a month. That’s about it.
I’m excited to start using this!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

More updates in February

February has already started out to be quite the month. There have been good and bad things that have happened to me.
Three books are out (though one technically released in January)
Taming the Thief
Last Dance of the Roses
Ghosts of Burning Inn #2: A Taste of Fame

We are having the release party for Taming the Thief tomorrow. It will be on Facebook and starting around 4 PM EST and ending around 10 PM EST. I’ve got the 7 PM EST spot.

In addition, we’ve got more audiobooks in production. Operation: Genome #1, Taming the Thief, Hearts Under Ice, Paper Hearts, and Last Dance of the Roses should be out in audiobook around March. I also completed Patterns & Parallels #3: Heart of Metalia so expect that out this year too.
I am officially going to SASS in Norfolk during July of this year. That may be the only signing I do because money has become tight. I’m already getting some swag for it. I’ll make my pre-order form sometime next month. By then, I’ll be certain what will be out and what won’t be.
The spring releases will probably be Heart of Metalia, The Roses Were Pink (a novella), and The Reaper’s Apprentices #3: In the Blood. When they will be out, I can’t say. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Updates on current works:
TRA #4: 27K
Sparks and Flames: 25K
Key of Winter: 17K
Perfume Party Murders #1: 18K
Portman’s Creamery #5: 31K

I also plan to start Operation: Genome #3 tonight if possible. I was working on it but I decided to go on another route with it. We’ll see if I’m in the mood for it. Lately, my mood has been swinging back and forth for many reasons.
I’ll be back with more soon.

Thursday, February 4, 2016


Welcome to February. I had a longer post but I ended up erasing it instead for some reason. There are a lot of things happening this month with lots of takeovers, hops, and promotions. New books are also coming out. Last Dance of the Roses is set to be out by sometime next week. Then we’ve got a long break coming for us with the new books.
We also have three more audiobooks coming: Taming the Thief, Operation: Genome #1, and Hearts Under Ice. They are all due around March though they may be done sooner.
Ghosts of Burning Inn #2 finally came out as well.

Taming the Thief also released early.

In addition, I went back to the older works and updated them some. My goal is to get Patterns & Parallels #3 close to being finished by end of next week. Then we can move that to the side. Now that Last Dance of the Roses and The Roses Were Pink are done, I can return to old work.
P&P #3: 42K
TRA #4: 26K
Sparks and Flames: 16K
Key of Winter (new book): 11K
Perfume Party Murders #1: 15K
Portman’s Creamery 5: 30K (will go back to this tomorrow)

I’m also trying to wrap up TRA #3, which is still very undone right now. Another thing I want out this year is Operation: Genome #2, which is done but needs everything like editing, cover, and formatting.
I’ll have a better post later on.