Saturday, January 16, 2016

A slight update

I promise not to bombard this post with as many links this time around. I have other things to talk about as well so don’t worry!
First, my audiobooks for The Dangers of Art and Awakened are now available on Audible.
Second, I’ve got a few new things coming up for the future. Here’s an idea of what is coming in 2016 and what is out.
Cirque Macabre #2*Version*=1&*entries*=0
Taming the Thief*Version*=1&*entries*=0
Ghosts of Burning Inn #2
Last Dance of the Roses
The Roses Were Pink
Arsenic and Diamonds (Perfume Party Murders #1)
The Sugar Mountain Murders
The Reaper’s Apprentices #3
Operation: Genome #2
Sparks and Flames

Now this doens’t mean everything will be published in this year. Things can change and they often do. This is just what I want. It doesn’t mean it will happen. After Ghosts #2, I’m not sure what book will literally be next. Last Dance of the Roses is possible as is The Sugar Mountain Murders (which is technically done. I just need to get the cover).
I have been writing during slow times at my job but last Friday our system went down and I had to leave the work I did for Sparks and Flames and Ghosts #3 behind. I’ll send it over when I go back on Tuesday.
That’s it for now!

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