Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Updating on a different day

I’ve got a few updates to make. There will be some links so be warned.
Two new audiobooks are out!
The Roses Were Red
Last Dance of the Roses

Also out are two new books!
In The Blood (The Reaper’s Apprentices #3)
The Roses Were White

I’m waiting to hear from my cover designer for the cover of Patterns & Parallels #3. That will most likely be the next book that comes out. Then will be The Sugar Mountain Murders (Mary Beth’s mystery) from Portman’s Creamery. After that, I have no idea what will be next. My other books are more or less on the same wavelength right now. I’m writing everything slowly but surely. I had a slow few days, which is why things moved rather slowly for me.

Updates on current works:
Flavors of Love #3: 8K
The Summer Key: 17K
In Too Deep: 13K
TRA #4: 13K
The Roses Were Pink: 3K

I’m also working on other things on the side such as Ghosts of Burning Inn #3, Operation: Genome #2, Smoke and Ashes, and three Portman’s related books. Those aren’t priority for me but they’re there. I will also have one more newsletter out as well before the month ends.

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