Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Update (Happy March)

Welcome to March, everyone. Things are coming in and going out. February was a very productive month though it kind of died down towards the end.

The main reason that things died down was because of my computer dying on me. Fortunately, I was able to salvage some of the most important things; Patterns & Parallels #3, The Sugar Mountain Murders (PC #4), TRA #3, and The Roses Were White. Everything else was work that I wasn't satisfied with or work I needed to rewrite. That means we will be rewriting Operation: Genome #2, Ghosts #3, TRA #4, and Winky's first mystery will be different as well. I'm going to put the Perfume Party Murders on the side for now. I'm also trying to get Midnight Lessons, my newest erotica, up and going but I feel so lazy on it right now.

New works:

OG #2: 1K
PC #5: 2K
TRA #4: 1K
The Roses Were White: 15K
The Summer Key: 3K
Midnight Lessons: 2K
Ghosts #3: 2K

Yes, a lot of these are far from where they were but that's okay. They needed to be rewritten.

I'll be back with a better update soon.


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