Tuesday, July 5, 2016

An update after a long time!

I know I didn't update very much in June and I'm sorry for that. This wedding is coming and going by so fast. Legally, I am married now so it makes things harder to catch up with. Still, I owe it to people to update now and then. I should tell you that I'm alive. My writing slowed down a bit at the end of June when my husband came around. I still have to think of music to put together for our videos and our dances. I have yet to do that.

Now here's an update of everything that I have so far.

Ghosts of Burning Inn #3: 26K
Patterns & Parallels #4: 24K
The Autumn Key: 24K
Lilacs and Vanilla (new f/f/ romance): 12K

TRA #4 is a mess currently but I'm trying to make it a little less messy right now. My Portman's books are on hiatus until further notice. Ditto with Smoke and Ashes, the conclusion to Sparks and Flames. I'm also hoping that I will try to find some time this week to start Flavors of Love #4 or Cirque Macabre #3. I will try to get back to Operation: Genome #2 as well.

SASS#16 in Norfolk is this weekend so I have some packing to do. I've made all my swag bags now and I just have to put the books away. Then it will be time to decide what to wear because it's going to be hot as hell over there.

Well, that's about all for now. Another update will come soon. Take care, all!


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