Thursday, August 13, 2015

New covers & new places for Wrapped in Death and Chocolate

First off, I want to show the new cover to The Reaper's Apprentices #1: Awakened. I felt it needed a change and I lost touch with my old designer. (Plus this cost a lot less too). I can't wait to show you The Reaper's Apprentices #2's cover on Tuesday! Book 2 is with the editor right now. I've also secured editors for Patterns & Parallels #2 and Black Paradise Circus #2.

I also mentioned that Wrapped in Death and Chocolate would have more places where you could find it. Well, now it's up pratically everywhere! They're for sale for 99 cents except on Smashwords where you can set your price. If you're never read it before, now's your chance!


Updates on current works:

Flavors of Love #2: 37K
Ghosts of Burning Inn #2: 18K
Cirque Macabre #2: 15K
Portman's Creamery #3: 11K (got stalled on this one)
The Reaper's Apprentices #3: 11K

Once most of these reach a good point, I'll go into my next set which will be:

Operation: Genome #3
Patterns & Parallels #3
Black Paradise Circus #3
Portman's Creamery #4
Flavors of Love #3

(So it's mostly #3 books coming up)

More coming later!


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