Monday, September 21, 2015

Black Paradise Circus #2 now out in some countries

Apparently, BPC is live in some coutries over the ocean! If you happen to be lucky enough, you can get it right now! Here are a few of the European links (as well as Australia). It is a Portman’s Creamery book series. This is slightly different in the sense that it takes place in a different time (like later in the year or something like that), the cases are longer and darker, and this focuses on the girls as a group.
Book one is still out there too. Both books are at a low price.
Sadly, I do not think Black Paradise Circus #3 (the conclusion) will be out this year. I’m aiming for next year instead and then we can finally make this a box set. As far as the next book to finish, I’m trying to wrap up Flavors of Love #2. It’s more or less done, it just needs holes filled in. Then The Reaper’s Apprentices #3 looks like it’s heading towards the finish line.
Tomorrow is also the cover reveal of Patterns & Paralles #2: Paper Hearts! This book will be out October 13th!

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