Thursday, September 10, 2015

Updates and new book on Smashwords!

Well, I got Black Paradise Circus #2 back and decided to go ahead and upload it on Smashwords. It’s up now and 99 cents! You can still get Black Paradise Circus #1 as well. It is a Portman’s Creamery book, just a different kind. Rather than focusing on one girl, it focuses on the group and the cases are longer.
Updates to current works:
Flavors of Love #2: 52K
Ghosts of Burning Inn #2: 24K
Portman’s Creamery #3: 19K
Patterns & Parallels #3: 12K
The Reaper’s Apprentices #3: 23K
Cirque Macabre #2: 16K
Flavors of Love #2 is most likely next to be released along with a different PC book. I’m also awaiting some more swag and will get paperback formatting for some of the books soon. I do need to know if anyone plans to preorder. I’m planning on putting together a nice basket to anyone that buys a book (either early or at the signing). I’ve got loads of nice stuff now. I do need to know so I can order certain books. I won’t be bringing everything or a whole ton of them.
Speaking of new stuff, I have new stuff soon! Preorder links to both books. They are 99 cents or free on KU.
Black Paradise Circus #2
The Reaper’s Apprentices #2
I’ll have other links later as well as more news.

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