Monday, September 14, 2015

Live books and audiobooks!

Guess what’s live today? That’s right, The Reaper’s Apprentices #2 is finally live! Here’s a link to both book 1 and 2 so you can catch up with the story. You don’t necessarily need to read book 1 but it would be nice. Just posting US links for now but I will add others later.
Book 1: Awakened
Book 2
In addition to that, TRA #2 is available on Smashwords as is the next Black Paradise Circus book. Black Paradise Circus #2 comes out on the 22nd. You can preorder it from Amazon now though.
Here are the Smashwords links. The first books are up at SW as well:
Lastly, I have free audiobook codes for Wrapped in Death and Chocolate! If you want a free audiobook, drop me a line!
I’ve also seen the final cover to Patterns & Parallels #2: Paper Hearts. Gah, I can’t wait to show you! I think I’ll do an early cover reveal for it.
I promise to slow down on posts. I knowTHE NEWS is coming quickly but that happens!

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