Tuesday, December 15, 2015

New updates

Well, a few things have happened since I last posted. The first main thing is that The Dangers of Art is going to be turned into an audiobook. So that means five of my books will be audiobooks by 2016! I’ve heard it so far and it’s great! The due date is my birthday (January 12th) but it may be done sooner. I’m really looking forward to it.
The second is that I have a few freebies starting today.
The Dangers of Art is free today and tomorrow. It’s the newest Portman’s book.
Hearts Under Ice will be free on the 21st and 22nd to celebrate one year of publishing. Wrapped in Death and Chocolate will be very the latter half of that week (23rd to 25th).
Thirdly, Cirque Macabre #2 has reached the 50K mark and is more or less done. Since this is a long time waiting, I will release this around late January/early February of 2016. I’ll have a synopsis for that later. If you want to catch up with it, here’s book one. It picks up right where book one ended:
Fourth, the current updates:
Ghosts #2: 45K (next to be done)
P&P #3: 25K
Taming the Thief: 28K
Flavors of Love #3: 15K (was revamped and turned around)
Portman’s #5: 20K
Portman’s #6: 5K
TRA #4: 4K
Some of these books will move out of this list soon.
Fifth, I am going to Norfolk next year for SASS 2016. I’m about 90% sure of this. Details coming.
Stay tuned for more news to come!

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